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2nd Class EVS includes a variety of environmental topics. Learning these, kids develop awareness about their natural, social and cultural environment. To develop an interest in knowing their environment, children have to be given an entertaining introduction to their environment.

EVS helps children develop their own insights into the functioning of several things or understanding human processes in their environment. Such interactions with their surrounding environment are immensely important in the healthy development of children.

Course Outline

Major Topics and content

  1. Parts of My Body, External Organs and Internal Organs
  2. Good Eating Habits, staying fit, postures
  3. Safety at home, Safety in School, Safety on Road, First Aid
  4. Kinds of family
  5. Our Neighbourhood
  6. People who help us at school
  7. More about Festivals and National Days
  8. Types of Plants, Parts of Plants, Uses of Plants
  9. Types of Animals, Taking care of Animals
  10. Food Groups, Eating Healthy
  11. Types of Houses, types of roofs
  12. Clothes worn in different parts of the world
  13. Properties of Air
  14. Sources of Water, Portable water
  15. Kinds of Transport, Travelling near and far,Air Pollution
  16. Means of Communication
  17. Cardinal Directions
  18. Our Earth Sun, Moon and Stars
  19. Time
  20. Weather and Seasons

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Independent Curriculum informed by the best of New EDGE and English National Cu rriculum


1 year

Delivery Method

LIVE online classes in small groups

Start Date

September-July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year)

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