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In Class 2 Maths, young kids are taught about number and place value concepts, mental Arithmetic along with the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, shapes and sizes, odd and even numbers, etc.

Second graders become experts in addition and subtraction, being able to quickly and accurately add and subtract one- and two-digit numbers with sums up to 100. They’re also expected to memorize all the sums of adding two one-digit numbers.

Some of the key math concepts a second grader which include: Read and write numerals to 100 and to count objects to 100 or more. Addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers without regrouping, up to 100, using models and algorithms. Explore number patterns on a hundred chart and with a calculator.

Course Outline

Major Topics and content

    1. 2-digit numbers
    2. Place value and face value for 2 digit
    3. Expanded and standard form
    4. Ordinal Numbers
    5. Adding 1 digit number with 2 digit number
    6. Addition of 2 digit numbers
    7. Properties of addition
    8. Subtracting 1 digit number from 2 digit numbers
    9. Subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2-digit numbers
    10. Properties of subtraction
    11. Reading and writing 3 digit numbers
    12. Place value and face value for 3 digit
    13. Expanded and standard form
    14. Addition and subtraction of bigger numbers
    15. Multiplication as repeated addition
    16. Multiplication Stories
    17. Division as repeated subtraction
    18. Relationship between Multiplication and Division
    19. Measurement of Length, Weight, Capacity
    20. Order property of Multiplication

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Independent Curriculum informed by the best of New EDGE and English National Cu rriculum


1 year

Delivery Method

LIVE online classes in small groups

Start Date

September-July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year)

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Duration 15 day
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