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Our exciting class 4 science curriculum helps learners develop a life-long curiosity about the natural world and enables them to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them.

Students will think scientifically and develop practical skills alongside knowledge and understanding, which is vital for explaining the world around us. Improving learners’ awareness of science in the world around them develops their sense that ‘science is for me’, helping to connect themselves to the subject.

This approach provides them with the knowledge and skills they require to excel at science in later stages of education and to make informed choices, including considering sustainability issues and meeting the challenges facing our environment.

Course Outline

Major Topics and content

    1. Alertness concerning food
    2. Types of teeth, structure of a tooth, care of teeth
    3. Process of digestion of food
    4. Safety measures, first aid
    5. Sources of fibres, Difference between natural fibres and synthetic fibres
    6. Houses all around, people who build a house
    7. Sates of matter
    8. Parts of a leaf, Making of food in the leaves
    9. Adaptation in terrestrial and aquatic plants
    10. Adaptation in animals
    11. Types of force, types of simple machines, sources of energy
    12. Factors affecting rate of evaporation
    13. The water cycle
    14. Constituents of soil, types of soil
    15. Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise pollution, soil pollution
    16. The sun and The solar system

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Independent Curriculum informed by the best of New EDGE and English National Cu rriculum


1 year

Delivery Method

LIVE online classes in small groups

Start Date

September-July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year)

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