We believe to serve a world-class education for your child. New Edge School is suitable for students and parents that require flexible learning, or personalized learning. We are the kind of institution that believes in empowering our students and teachers while moving forward along with technology, be it through interactive smart classes or innovative curriculum activities.

Yes, you can enroll in New EDGE School even when you are studying in another school. We encourage to follow online learning with traditional and conventional schooling as mainstream as well as an alternate means of education.

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It depends on the grade and would be approximately 30-45 minutes.

It is a continuous process through submission of assignments, regular assessments, term exams, teacher’s feedback, event performance, etc.

New Edge School gives top-tier holistic education to all students from Pre-School to Grade 8. We accomplish this through a very much characterized, well-informed, and well-executed educational plan that is made by highly qualified teachers.

The many advantages of learning from New EDGE School include:
⦁ Anytime, anywhere learning
⦁ Personalized learning as per the learner’s pace
⦁ Counseling as and when required.
⦁ The best of all the educational plans.
⦁ Utilize the best innovative platforms.
⦁ Exceptionally reasonable cost

Parents who are worried about the hygiene and sanitization in physical schools, also concerned about the health and safety of their children due to the pandemic. Online home schooling is the best alternate option for your child where they not only can get personalized classes but also parents would be able to get the track of your child’s progress.

Technical support will be available during the class sessions. Also, technical support will be available for assessment submission, every Monday in the evening between 6 pm. to 8 p.m.for Math and English subjects and for the rest of the subjects every Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

School provides counseling and guidance sessions whenever it is required for students.

Minimum 70% attendance in each term is required.

Send email to to plan doubt clearing session with concerned teacher

You will be provided with the login credentials at the time of enrollment, and the school will train you so that you can use the resources and features on the learning platform.

We give top-tier holistic Online home schooling education to all students from Grade 1 to 8 (class wise and subject wise). Parent can select class wise education so that their children can experience school at home.