Welcome To New EDGE School

What We Do

We give top-tier holistic education to all students from Pre-School to Grade 8. We accomplish this through a very much characterized, well-informed, and well-executed educational plan that is made by highly qualified teachers.
We use an advanced online teaching platform that provides live video classes to students worldwide. At NES, we have pioneered a new way of teaching through the medium of an interactive online school learning platform which includes:

  1. One of world best LMS Platform, Moodle.
  2. Zoom Video Call
  3. Recording of each class session accessible anywhere, anytime for NES students.
  4. Evening Assessment Doubt clearance session and assessment submission technical support, twice a week.
  5. Painting Class, for one complete year (with no extra fee)
  6. French Class, for one complete year as third language (with no extra fee)
  7. Our teaching staff use a wide range of tools to aid in their delivery, such as whiteboards, video clips, presentations and screen sharing. These are but a few of the tools available to our teachers to help our students achieve the best guided teaching.